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Gorée Island

Saturday, July 27, we organized an excursion to the island of Goree with a group of athletes. Solicited by the NBA, our agency coordinated the visit and the transport of the group.

To ensure a good experience for our customers, we have upstream privatized two (02) boats made available our bilingual guides. The majority of participants are English speakers.

We arrived in half day, we were welcomed by a cultural troupe and beat the “djembe”, a festive and symbolic moment.

Site filled with stories, our visit began in the lively streets of Goree. We continued the visit by going to the church and by a tour to the old telepointer of the North of Castel battery to the island of Goree.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, going to Goree without visiting the House of Slaves is unthinkable! Our visit ended there, with a lot of emotions every time the words of Eloi Coly, chief curator of the House of Slaves Goree rave.

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