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Africa Tourism Solutions is a tourism agency that has recently opened its subsidiary, ATS EVENTS.

The objectif of the event sector is to give life to all your imaginations by facilitating you in the completion of your projects. From the writing to its implementation, we accompany you in the organization of your event to offer your partners and guests an unforgettable experience.

You will find a young and committed team around you, packages all inclusive for all your events.We are known for our creativity, our innovations and our ability to deliver on time while respecting the budget.


  1. Oversee media monitoring
  2. Media Coverage
  3. Press breakfast
  4. Interview (TV, Radio, Press)

ACCOMODATION : Facilitation of the accomodation of your participants by the elaboration of acoomodation file with a selection of hotels in preferentail rates and a booking form.

  1. Communication of influence Personal branding
  2. Social media strategy
  1. Production of film
  2. Production de spot tv
  3. Production of documentary film and informercia
  1. Design of logo and graphic declination
  2. Design of graphic charter
  3. Design of visilibility support ( kakemono, post, brochure, flyers, goodies etc.)
  1. Design and administration of website
  2. Management of social media Facebook, Tweeter,  LinkedIn etc


We have covered so far different types of events such as: regional and interantional congress, international conferences, debates, breakfast, road shows, ceremonies to lay, gala diners, national and international forum.

They trust us…