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Things to do with ATS this summer: Fathala

Fathala, Walk with Lions, an experience you can only live in a few places around the world.

This summer, ATS is offering a special day trip to Sine Saloum during our Sunday tours. The day begins with a light breakfast (optional) before boarding a comfortable bus with a group of adventurous travelers. This road trip allows you to see the beautiful landscape of Mbour, Fatick, Kaolack before reaching the Saloum. Once you arrive, you are taken to the Fathala Reserve for a walk with the lions, where you meet two adult lions (Talla and Tiny), a male and a female, who were raised in the reserve by guides who accompany you in the adventure. This special adventure is something you can only do in 5 locations around the world (South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Senegal) and that makes it a unique experience in your life.

Then your extraordinary journey continues, but with a more relaxing note in a 4-star hotel where you are invited to a special buffet for lunch. After relaxing in the beautiful green landscape by the pool, you embark for a boat trip in the Saloum River, through the beautiful mangrove where you can see the oysters attached to the root of the trees. Now comes the most comforting moment as you complete the adventure with a bird watch and witness one of the rarest scenes where hundreds of birds stop in the Sine Saloum Islands at sunset. As the day ends and you take the bus back to Dakar, you will always be amazed by the beautiful Sine Saloum and all the hidden treasures you found in the most unlikely place in the depths of our beautiful Senegal.

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