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Ceebu Jën

You said Ceebu Jën??

An essential element of Senegalese gastronomy, Ceebu Jën made the reputation of a whole nation established in West Africa and ended up exported to the world.

What is thus this famous dish from the 12 strokes past noon decorates and embalms the space of Senegalese households?

Translated from Wolof to English by Rice and Fish, ” Ceebu Jën” is the preferred dish at lunchtime. It is made with rice and decorated with vegetables such as carrot, cabbage, cassava, eggplant …

Count about 2 hours of cooking. According to the condiments used, it can be white when cooked with stuffed tomato, it will be called ” Ceebu Jën bu wéex” or based on concentrated tomato and of orange color, it is then called “Ceebu Jën bu xonk”

Moreover, we also find Ceebu Jën in our Ghanaians and Nigerians neighbors who speak of Jollo-frice. In this case, you can even find salad and cucumber to go with the dish.

One more reason that leads us to ask the question: who is the real author of this dish?

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