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Who are we?

Africa Tourism Solutions (ATS) is a travel agency that aims to provide a genuine experience of the continent of Africa by offering inclusive and innovative solutions. It was founded by two young African Entrepreneurs born and raised in Senegal who believe that Africa is one of the best places to discover and its true value and beauty should be experienced firsthand.

Sadly, there seems to be a worldwide perception that Africa is a continent riddled with poverty and danger. ATS is committed to breaking this stereotype by offering experiences that are rich in discoveries, unique and authentic in Senegal and possibly across Africa.

We hope to inspire the African youth to discover the great and majestic beauty of this continent in which they live. Educating those who come from this beautiful place is crucial for the preservation of culture and its heritage and we hope that future generations will continue the work to spread the word.

We invite you to plunge into a cloud of happiness and live Africa to the fullest through our different offers.
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Why choose ATS

  • Best price guarantee
    ATS offers multiple packages and tours at a competitive price created with lifestyle preference in mind . You also have the option to customize your trip according to your budget and interests.
  • Youth empowerment
    ATS is also known for empowering and supporting the youth. With ATS school we contribute to the education of students by taking them on trips to historical and cultural sites. We also support sport organizations for youth through ATS Sports
  • Support of Local businesses
    ATS works with local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, historical sites, artists by adding their services to our packages and excursions. We also make sure to boost responsible tourism in order to generate economic benefits for local people and their businesses.
  • Community Service
    ATS invites clients to participate in community services by adding such activities into their travel packages by giving them also the opportunity to volunteer and donate. We also commit to offer 5% of our annual profit orphanage, sports teams and basketball camps.

 So as ATS suggests “Stop Wondering” and “Start Discovering”.

What do we offer

With ATS, you will spend unforgettable moments. To keep our promise to always provide a unique experience, we tailor your trips for private or group travelingAdventurous outings, romantic gateways and corporate team building, all created with budget and preference in mind.

  • Special tours
    We aim to promote the local tourism with our special tours: Sunday Tours, Family Tour, Custom tour.
  • ATS packages
    We also propose different packages: Teranga Package, Premium Package and Custom package.
  • Event planning
    With ATS Events, you can trust us with the planning of all your corporate events, Seminars, Gala dinners, Fairs, Festivals, Conferences.
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